Young MBA Program for Banking (YMP)

The Young MBA Program is specifically designed for MBA and post-graduates seeking a highly rewarding career in the CRM channel in the Banking industry. This is a fully-residential program and is currently offered at our Hyderabad and Chennai campuses. It is built to make your career future-proof and provide you with financial independence.

The program includes customized training with workbooks and industry-approved certifications like NISM and IRDA in the Investment space. It helps the scholars develop role-relevant skills and prepares them for assured entry level-jobs in the Relationship Banking Channel.

The Young MBA Program prepares scholars by developing and strengthening their domain competencies, builds up ability to formulate strategies through business acumen and CRM tools, tripled with improving their communication and professional skills.

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Training Content: 
The Young MBA Program for Banking prepares MBAs and post-graduate scholars by developing and strengthening their domain competencies coupled with improving their communication and professional skills.


The Young MBA program scholar will receive training and mentoring at the foundation, core, specialization and super-specialization levels for the crucial and coveted Relationship roles in the Banking industry. The program is designed to strengthen your basic industry-required domain skills through hands-on application. We then build your core capabilities through a combination of theory and practice-school sessions. The program aims at addressing key challenges in the Customer Relationship Management space.


We use globally-validated tools and content to help you improve your English language and communication skills. These are mapped to the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR). Our approach is designed to help you understand the main ideas of complex text and technical discussions. By enhancing your verbal communication skills, you will learn to express and explain your point of view, and interact fluently and confidently with peers and mentors in real-life, work-related situations.


You will be trained to effectively use production suites like MS Office. You will also develop the necessary skills to gauge and understand behavioural and interpersonal dynamics such as team-building and gender-related sensitivities. YMP will help you learn to express your ideas persuasively, participate confidently in group discussions and engage professionally with your peers. Additionally, the program will focus on personal grooming, business etiquette and customer service orientation.


Relationship Banking Program

Today, the Banking industry offers a plethora of Products & services using Digital technology. All Banks are confronted with acute competition and a business environment that requires dynamic Banking professionals to handle unprecedented change and volatility. New theories and models need to be developed to cope up with competition and surge through business challenges. These Banking professionals need to be adaptive to the ever changing business environment that are highly dynamic in nature.

Accordingly, this new environment needs professionals who possess insight and expertise to cope up with high pressure atmosphere around them, so that they understand the entire business from different perspectives and can address complex challenges and opportunities within the organization. But, grooming high-potential scholars to take on the responsibilities in line with organizational objectives can take years of on-job experience.

The HCL TalentCare Young MBA Program for Banking is designed to accelerate this development process so that the employee and the company can benefit from broadly trained leaders, who are ready to assume newer and higher challenges.

HCL TalentCare Young MBA Program for Banking (YMP) is a comprehensive program that provides you with the core competencies to manage the role of a Relationship Officer/ Manager. This program offers an unparalleled opportunity for scholars to gain insights into various processes that shape and define their Relationship building techniques.

Skills you will develop through Relationship Manager Program include:

  • Business Development Skills
  • Relationship Management Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Workplace Management Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Financial Planning skills
  • Investment advisory skills

Here are some of the positions that await you upon successful completion:

  • Relationship Officer
  • Personal Banker
  • Relationship Manager
  • Financial Partner
  • Financial advisor

More Details

This Banking professional has to acquire high-quality business through rigorous interaction with High Net worth Individuals, identifying business potential, understanding customer needs and by building business relationships.

The primary responsibility of this banking professional comprises enhancing values through family banking techniques. This banking professional needs to have in-depth knowledge of investment avenues for remunerative returns and should act as a one-stop financial shop with a basket of financial solutions.

This requires extensive knowledge on Banking fundamentals, Banking regulations, Business development skills through effective Relationship management, Wealth management etc. This Banking professional acts as a single point of contact for High Net worth Customers who contribute sizeably to the Bank’s business.

This role requires persistence, attention to details, analytical reasoning, problem-solving skills and high-level ability to build relationships.

The other major responsibilities of this banking professional comprise managing customer queries and resolving them in a timely manner, generating referrals through excellent customer service and cross-selling other banking products by understanding the customer’s needs.


This module covers the fundamentals in Banking. It maximizes the scholar's understanding of Retail Banking Industry, Retail Banking Operations and Banking Regulations.


The various Products and Services offered by Banks are covered in this module. These include the various primary products and cross-sell products offered by a Retail Bank. Primary products include Savings Account, Current Account, Fixed Deposit, and Recurring Deposits which are classified as Liabilities. Cross- sell products include various types of loans, Credit cards etc. which are classified as Asset products. This module also covers topics on Modern Banking Services like Net banking, Mobile banking, ATM services etc. through which Banks offer Digital Banking services.


Specialization in this module focuses on development of essential skills like Selling skills, Business Development skills, Relationship management skills, Customer Service skills and Performance Management skills. This module plays a key role in shaping up the scholars appropriately to align with organisational objectives.


This module uses HCL TalentCare’s proprietary methodology that enables graduates to be completely role-ready. Super-specialization is also defined by the specific requirements of the clients where the graduate would finally be deployed. For example, for the role of a Relationship Manager, this module covers essential components like CRM tools, financial planning, Asset allocation, product penetration using cross selling skills with a focus on revenue generation.

Practice School

This module integrates conceptual learning with practical application by helping the scholars systematically build solutions in scenario-based cases or simulated environments. For example, as part of YMP for Banking practice school, scholars get an opportunity to build a model portfolio, interact with a variety of model HNI customers. Scholars learn business development skills through role plays. We also simulate a Banking environment to emulate real-time Banking scenarios. Customers would walk into the Simulation Lab and scholars would act as a Banking professionals to render Banking services. Scholars are trained on day-to-day Banking operations in this module. Role-plays, Case studies, Assignments, Project work, Group work and Self-product experience form a crucial part of the learning methodologies practiced in this module.

On-job Training

Before getting deployed into the end-client’s organization, the scholar is offered a structured and closely-mentored internship with potential clients. This on-job training module ensures that Banking scholars acquire first-hand experience of working in a Retail Bank with well-defined expectations and deliverables, before they are deployed into their respective roles.

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