Jobability Quotient®

What is Jobability Quotient®?

Jobability Quotient or JQ® is a composite measure developed by HCL TalentCare to assess and benchmark all the skills and capabilities that you require to be successful in a specific job role. JQ® helps you measure and identify your areas of strength and the dimensions that need improvement by benchmarking them against relevant job requirements.

JQ® measures you on 4 dimensions


How do you use your logical and verbal abilities to interpret data and communicate effectively in a work situation?


How well can you understand and apply industry-relevant technical skills?


Do you have the soft skills to match the requirements of the job?  


Are you aligned and aware of today’s enterprise needs?

Improving your JQ®

HCL TalentCare begins by measuring your JQ®. We then create a personalized program using our Signature Learning Experience methodology to help you raise your JQ®. Improving your Jobability Quotient® makes you more employable.

Our programs are designed with a single-minded focus on helping you enhance your Aptitude, Altitude, Attitude and Alignment to make you effective in real-life employment situations. We ensure that your skill enhancement is relevant and future-proof - not just for today, but also on an ongoing basis.

Test your JQ®

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