Banking in India is the second most sought after industry for employment by the graduates. Banking sector contributes to more than 7% of the GDP, and hence offers tremendous employment opportunities. The requirement for skilled graduates trained in specific skill sets has opened up innumerable avenues for graduates with opportunities at the entry-level in banks. Banks are on the lookout for a variety of skills and hence specialised training in each of these requirements becomes a differentiating factor. With over 2 million jobs to be created in the next 5 to 10 years by the banking industry, HCL TalentCare consciously offers programs in Banking to skill candidates for taking on the challenges in the industry.

Training Content: 
HCL TalentCare’s tailor-made programs equip engineers and non-engineering graduates to be job-ready and start delivering in their organisations from day one.


  • Young Graduate Program (YGP) for Banking
  • Young MBA Program (YMP)

Young Graduate Program

Today, the Banking industry is confronted with a business environment that is facing unprecedented change and volatility. The theories and models that have traditionally guided decision-making are no longer relevant.

Accordingly, this new environment needs leaders and decision-makers who possess insight and expertise beyond the narrow functions they have inhabited in the past, so that they understand the entire business from different perspectives and can address complex challenges and opportunities within the organization. But, grooming high-potential scholars to take on the responsibilities in line with organizational objectives can take years of on-the-job experience.

HCL TalentCare’s Young Graduate Program for Banking is designed to accelerate this development process so that the employee and the company can benefit from broadly trained leaders, who are ready to assume newer and higher challenges.

HCL TalentCare’s Young Graduate Program for Banking is a comprehensive program that provides you with the core competencies to manage the role of a Sales Officer. This program offers an unparalleled opportunity for scholars to gain insights into various processes that shape and define their selling techniques.

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Young MBA Program

The Young MBA Program is specifically designed for MBA and post-graduates seeking a highly rewarding career in the CRM channel in the Banking industry. This is a fully-residential program and is currently offered at our Hyderabad and Chennai campuses. It is built to make your career future-proof and provide you with financial independence.

The program includes customized training with workbooks and industry-approved certifications like NISM and IRDA in the Investment space. It helps the scholars develop role-relevant skills and prepares them for assured entry level-jobs in the Relationship Banking Channel.

The Young MBA Program prepares scholars by developing and strengthening their domain competencies, builds up ability to formulate strategies through business acumen and CRM tools, tripled with improving their communication and professional skills.

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